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Testosterone Supplements for Men

It’s a very busy hormone this testosterone, produced by the testicles and very often associated with manhood.  This androgenic sex hormone plays a major role in a man’s reproductive and sexual function and at the same time contributes to red blood cell production, hair growth, bone density and moreover it contributes to a man’s emotional health.

Things to Consider Before You Investigate the Use of Testosterone Supplements that Work 

Before you even consider anything to naturally boost your testosterone level, you have to really be honest with yourself about your daily lifestyle and habits.  Most physicians are reluctant to prescribe testosterone medication. Likewise, even the best t-boosting supplements can be hampered by lifestyle habits that you can easily address.

Build a Solid Foundation for Your “T” Boosting Supplement

Here are some of those lifestyle changes you can make to improve your overall health that provide positive benefits in aiding to maintain a sufficient amount of male hormone.  For example:

For many men with low testosterone, the amount of sleep is one of the most important factors because lack of sleep affects the amount and variety of hormones and even chemicals in the body, consequently affecting the level of testosterone.   Sometimes rescheduling your day will enable you to get at least seven hours of good sleep at night.  Sleep is just as important as your daily workout or those vitamins you chug down in the morning.  If you do just 1 thing to maintain your health, make sure sleep is included in that regimen.

It’s important to maintain a healthy weight.  If you find yourself with a low testosterone level, look also at the scale.  Men who are overweight often score low levels of “T”.  Once you lose that extra weight, you should be able to see your testosterone level creeping back up.   Conversely, those men who are underweight can also see a lower t-level and gaining weight back to a more normal range may also help restore their “T” too.

Testosterone Supplementation to Build Self-Esteem

Let’s face it; a man with a low testosterone level may be a man of low self-esteem because of the inability to perform sexually.  It is all you can do not to open those spam emails suggesting manhood enhancement!  However, there are natural things you can do to help yourself.  Building strength by body building and increasing muscle mass is one important road to healthy testosterone.  Additionally, did you know that stress in your life will churn out cortisol, which is a stress hormone.  Creating cortisol will in turn interfere with churning out testosterone.

Low “T” is no laughing matter regardless how often it’s joked about.  Studies show that without enough testosterone men face a higher risk of serious health problems including cardiovascular disease and diabetes.  Sure a simple blood test can determine a guy’s level, but there are other ways to give a clue as to this problem:

  • A low sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction. The body’s release of nitric oxide, although only a tiny molecule, is what triggers erections.  However, without testosterone, nothing happens.
  • Low fluid levels.  3 parts of the male body combined together, produce sperm containing fluid.  Each of these 3 parts are necessary for an adequate supply of testosterone.

So, keep calm and move forward.  Keep stress out of your life, get enough sleep and by all means, flex your muscles.  Exercise reduces that stress and at the same time elevates your mood and…at the same time…aids in weight loss.

Testosterone Enhancing Game Plan: Review – Buy – Thrive

Once you have these basic elements working for you in your life-style you should speak to your physician. From there, a number of natural t-boosting supplements are available discreetly through reputable mail-order providers that can give you the edge you are looking for in business, with the ladies and at the gym.

A question we often get asked is “What is the best Over the Counter (OTC) Male Testosterone supplement?”  From what we’ve been able to discern, different individuals seem to benefit more from some supplements as compared to others. For that reason we suggest you try one or two quality products and answer the question for yourself. One of our favorites right now is a Doctor Formulated Natural Testosterone Booster which is available on Amazon. Some other choices can be found here.


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