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Are you late for your T-time?  No, not a golf game t-time, I’m talking the really important T-time!  This T-time can happen without notice and when it happens, you may start to feel a bit lethargic and maybe a tad limp.  Yup!  It’s T-time alright.

Men Choosing Legal Testosterone Boosters in Droves

In a surprising number, men are turning to boosters in order to restore and increase their testosterone levels.  In fact, yearly sales have more than doubled according to IMS Health, since 2008 – proof that this stuff works and that you can discretely and effective pump up your t-level and all the important things that go with it! It was reported that the United States has reached the $1.6 billion mark and is well on its way to a predicted $5 billion by the year 2017.  This is just a prediction of course, but overwhelming evidence that you are not alone in your quest for a safe, legal, best in class testosterone booster.  Keep in mind, these figures don’t include top natural supplements for increasing t-levels that are purchased on-line or over-the-counter (OTC) in pharmacies around the country.

Hate Feeling Old? Give Yourself a Strong, Natural Boost of T

So, it’s obvious that we are seeing an increase in testosterone supplement demand that is both real and dramatic.  It is no wonder! Men hate feeling old, losing muscle mass (even if you are not a body builder!—if you do bodybuilding then you probably already know about the positive benefits of “T”) and watching their bedroom performance and libido stall. Yet, these quick fixes for low testosterone, while effective, can also bring on side effects that the consumer should be aware of – as with every drug whether over the counter or prescribed.

Just to be clear, it is natural that after the age of thirty, a man’s testosterone lever drops approximately one percent a year.  That’s when you see notice loss of muscle strength, waning interest in sex, lethargy and even depression. Natural or not, you don’t have to throw in the towel and just accept that you are destined to a life in the back pasture my stallion friend!

Get a Testosterone Enhancer that Works to Boost Your Levels

More and more, men seem to be turning to pharmacies and online seeking out the best one or two strongest bottles that will do the trick naturally and safely for them.  Boosters, such as those found here on Amazon  and good old Korean Red Ginseng (aka Panax Ginseng) are over the counter testosterone boosters with research and testimonials that they will safely help raise t- levels using herbal mixtures – leading to increased endurance and sexual libido as well as muscle mass and more energy.

The normal testosterone level in a healthy man is between three hundred to twelve hundred nanograms (one billionth of a gram) per deciliter.  This equation is according to the National Institute of Heath.

What’s Up… Doc or OTC Test Boosting Alternatives

Over the counter (OTC) oral testosterone supplements should be taken with the approval of your physician.  Of course, you should do your own research and due diligence as well since most of the workers at strip-mall supplement stores have a really small amount of education the subject matter of testosterone boost supplements.  Some are high school students, college students or retirees that have little knowledge of the human physiology or production methods used in these products.

That’s one reason we favor this Doctor Formulated Testosterone Booster. It’s Medical Doctor Certified so we feel confident in the formula and ingredients and we like that it has the proven testosterone precursur DHEA in it.

There is no doubt that there is a burgeoning demand for testosterone supplements.  In fact, that demand seems to have skyrocketed. That is usually a pretty good sign that guys like you are seeing positive results

Don’t Suffer! Legally Regain your Lost Youth

Here’s the bottom line.  If you feel that your symptoms are indicative of low testosterone levels and you want to reverse that course naturally and safely, seek out the advice of your physician before resorting to over the counter supplements.  Once given the okay, do your research, review your T-Options and pick a product or two to evaluate and get started.

There is no reason why men in their 40s, 50s and beyond need to be set out to pasture in the bedroom, boardroom or the gym. Natural herbal supplements can give you the safe results you want and need. Go get’em tiger!

Male body builders are frequently looking for the best, safe OTC testosterone boosters to help increase mass, definition and stamina. Here is what our research has uncovered.


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